Where global demand meets global supply

With our global network of growers, we are able to supply seasonal produce year round. Yet the base of our source is Eastern Africa. Because of the widely spread production locations we source from, we are able to actively participate at the needs or possible shortages in the market. After all, shortages can appear in every country, sometimes in less than an hour. Because of the dispersal in deliverance, we are able to fill up these shortages without any trouble in 96 percent of the cases.



Available in various packings, we supply a carefully selected top 20 of delicious and premium fresh herbs. On top of this collection, we offer a neat assortment of speciality herbs in season. As development is going faster and faster, we update our assortment regularly


A great addition to our premium fresh herbs is our brand-new Baby Vegetables and Microgreens department. Adding new items every few weeks and developing new colors and flavours to a basket of incredible tasty and visual attractive produce.


Coloring the heart is coloring the world. With our assortment of fresh edible flowers, we surprise people every single day. Besides adding beautiful colors, this product line brings an extra dimension of surprising taste and happiness.

Greenfresh ORIGINS

It is our daily task and challenge to supply premium fresh herbs to serve our customers and keep their stocks fresh and profitable.


In order to have steady availability year-round, we source from many different parts of the world. To fulfill the demand of our customers, we source from as close as possible, but as fat as necessary.