Fresh! That is what we aim for at Greenfresh. Daily fresh quality! We therefore always ask our customers to keep their stocks healthy. Let us ensure a continuous supply for your business and you no longer have any unnecessary waste from overstocking. What we mean by this, is that it is better to order fresh from us every day. The items that you would stock up on are almost always sold the same day with us. We prefer to send fresh herbs daily, and keep your stock super fresh! Also packed product is packed daily fresh!


Greenfresh has built up a big circulation of produce in it’s almost 20 years of existence. With a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 27 incoming flights per week, we therefore have fresh supply from all-over almost twice a day! And then we are not even talking about the European supply by road transport …


Because of this circulation we always have availability, and super fresh. Of course, we would be lying to say that we never miss out somewhere. We also sometimes have shortages due to bad weather conditions, for example. Or a delayed cargo in times of shortage. Nevertheless, we always have a certain degree of certainty at hand because of the spread of production.


Curious to find out how we do this? Please check the link “Origins”.


Fresh! A great marketing word for many, pure strength for us!