Fresh! That is what we want at Greenfresh, daily fresh quality! There is no need for keeping stocks for our client. We take care for continuous supply to you and you do not have unnecessary residues. Products that you might take in stock, will be sold by us the same day most of the time. You can order everyday because we rather send fresh herbs and lettuce daily.

In its three year existance, Greenfresh has build up an amazing circulation in herbs. This criculation guarantees availability of herbs at any time. There are at least six to thirteen incoming herb flights per week. Due to this we have got one or two fresh deliveries per day, either from Colombia or Israel. Next to this there are the European supplies. Of course there might be a chance of a shortage as a consequence of external factors, like poor weather situation. But, despite this we always have a certain consistancy due to our dispersal in deliverance. You can read more about this under "Origins".

Fresh! Many times abused as a marketing thing, but for us it is pure strenght!