Spain trip - October 2011

Until today there's only a few growers that we found able to grow our fresh herbs in Spain, but the possibilities for export as well as the (growing) inland market are very good! All ingredients for a good and healthy production of herbs are present. Spain can really contribute to our current 'collection' of herbs. To give you an impression of what we achieved until now, scroll down and find the 'full story'.

One of the most in important reasons to also look into 'local' European production is our environment. With Spain we try to make our range of herbs more sustainable. The choice for Spain ables us to receive part of our winter supply by roadtransport. This means we are not fully depending on airfreight in wintertime anymore. Also we have more water available and the very efficient use of it was very important when we decided to look into Spain.

Spain has huge reputation as a fruit and vegetable producing country. Spain is also called 'La Huerta de Europa' which actually means 'Europe's vegetable garden'. It doesn't say enough because this country grows topquality with toptechnology!

To supply the plants with sufficient water, we decided to use 'dripping' pipelines which supply the water directly at the root of the plant. This means we don't 'rain' the plants from above which is better for the quality and 95% of the water really ends up being used by the plant.

Left you see a field of Oregano. On the right you see a field ready to plant. The drippinglines are already installed.. ready to go!

Sage area. Ready to harvest, ready to eat!

A new long-leaf Sage. Better shelflife and great aroma! Sensational!

A greenhouse with Tarragon. Just panted and now growing for Christmas.

The best Dill we have are in a different area. The Costa Blanca. This grower really follows the Greenfresh recipe. Almost ready to ship in about a week or 2!

Also Coriander grows well here! For the inland market it is a hit, soon available in North and Western Europe.

On the right there are freshly planted Curly Parsley. In the middle you see a few 'beds' where we test new varieties and products. This is how we learn to grow it best, with best taste. More to the left some new Chinese vegetables and herbs.

We are not done yet in Spain! Will you join us and grow together with sustainable, local product? Together we make the future...


Roselle, the new superfruit

This week the first load of Roselle products arrived in Rotterdam for Greenfresh. Roselles are the dried calyces of the Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower. These calyces are processed into various products. It has been used for tea in many countries for years.

Roselle Farms from Malaysia has new product in its assortment, besides tea. There are Roselle drinks, Roselle syrup, Roselle jam and the Roselle edible flowers in syrup. All products that are very suitable for catering.

A great addition to our assortment of herbs and flavourings. According to Willem Kea of Greenfresh. We have challenged various top hotels, top shakers and cocktail designers for a fantastic cocktail with Roselle and a herbal tint. The reactions from the hotels are positive, the guests seem to like tasting this new product.

The jam has found its way to the buffet and the edible flowers are a small work of art in a glass of white wine, champagne or a salad. Seeing as Roselles are rich in antioxidant, they can easily be added to the list of super fruits such as the pomegranate, cranberries, acai berries and goji berries. It's not just healthy, it's also delicious!

The Roselle farms products are 100% natural. The products consist of the roselles, sugar reed and water. The product has a shelf-life of at least a year.


From the start Greenfresh has been involved in commercializing fresh saladvarieties. Mainly dealing in the 'fresh'market we also have a branch for industrial product. In summer we work with 1 of Holland's biggest and best growers. Especially on the fresh market we are a very strong player on fresh salads. The product is very well known because of it's freshness, shelflife and high quality standards. That's the kind of product we where looking for to cover the winterperiod. We want to supply our customers the same quality yearround. Allready 4 years ago France was chosen as our 'wintersource' and we selected 2 growers that met our standards. This year though it was time to expand our french production and we contracted new growers. Last week we went on a visit to France in order to see the beautiful products in full growth. Scroll down for a small impression of what we've seen. For more info regarding packaging, availability and price don't hesitate to contact us.

Fresh salads indoorn grown. Super clear product!












Greenhouse loaded with quality produce! Grown on plastic to keep the product clean until harvest...

The growers we work with must be certified at least GlobalGAP but many work with even better certificates/systems as they are demanded for from other customers. Every greenhouse we entered we could clearly read the regulations before entering the greenhouse/packinghouse. E.G. no nuts or nut'related' products may enter the greenhouse as it can be very dangerous to people that are allergic to nuts.


Wouldn't you immediately fall in love when you see this?

Lollo Rosso double red. Grown outside, later also inside to controll night temperatures. This field had great colouration!

Here we could allready see the first 'set' of Lollo Rosso double red for indoor product.

Also a lot of red and green normal salads are grown in France. These ones we saw in Perpignan.


Huge fields of beautiful Spinach in Southern France, Provence.

Very well taken care of entrance road to one of the several packinghouses.


Until today there's only a few growers producing fresh herbs in Spain. The possibilities for export as well as the (growing) inland market are very interesting. All ingredients for a good and healthy production of herbs are present! Below you'll find an impression of what we've achieved until now, and what we could offer you from Spain besides our current 'collection' of fresh herbs!

Een van de belangrijkste redenen voor Greenfresh om ook in Spanje voet aan de grond te krijgen is het milieuaspect. We proberen op deze manier winteraanvoer te verkrijgen die niet afhankelijk is van luchtvracht, en dus minder milieubelastend. Ook de aanwezigheid van meer en zuiniger gebruik van water is belangrijk bij de keuze voor Spanje.

Spanje kent een gigantische reputatie als groente- en fruit producent. Het land wordt dan ook wel 'La Huerta de Europa' ofwel de moestuin van Europa genoemd. En met recht want ook in Spanje staat de technologie niet stil en wordt toptechnologie gebruikt om topkwaliteit producten te kweken.

Watergeven doet men in Spanje zoveel mogelijk 'onder het product door'. Dus geen beregening van bovenaf. Veel beter voor de kwaliteit van de producten en er is minder water nodig doordat 95% van het gebruikte water ook daadwerkelijk ten goede komt aan het product.

Links staat Oregano, rechts ligt een veld klaar met druppelslangen voor het watergeven. Klaar om aan te planten!

Een veld vol met bedden Salie. Klaar voor de oogst.

Een nieuwe langbladige Salie. Betere houdbaarheid en een prachtig aroma!

Dragon in de kas, ze zijn net geoogst, voor de kerst weer nieuwe!

De mooiste Dille staan in een andere regio. Aan de Costa Blanca. Deze teler teelt echt op ons recept. Ze zijn bijna goed om de eerste te verschepen over een kleine 2 weken.

Ook Koriander wil hier goed lukken. Voor de lokale markt is het al een hit. Binnenkort hebben wij ze in Nederland!

Rechts is er nog Krulpeterselie in aantocht terwijl we ook bewust ruimte maken om nieuwe producten te testen en te leren hoe nieuwe producten groeien. Verder naar links een proef met diverse soorten Chinese groenten en kruiden.

We zijn nog niet klaar in Spanje. Groeit u met ons mee naar een bewust en verantwoordelijk product?