About GreenFresh

As mentioned before, Greenfresh is developing itself more and more as the portal for fresh herbs. Due to the many contacts we have, we are able to actively participate at the needs or possible shortages in the market. After all, shortages can appear in every country. Because of the dispersal in deliverance, we are able to fill up these shortages without any troube in 90 percent of all cases. Greenfresh has delivery contracts with many of their clietnts. Due to accurate agreements, such a program can be settled relatively easy.

Greenfresh is also expanding its business to packaging. At this moment we are offering 75 gram zip-lock bags and 75- and 80 gram flow-packs. Next to this we have our regular kilo packages. If required, we can pack your order in one neutral type of box, or in a box of your own company. In this way, your order looks uniform and smooth.

Greenfresh is more than only herbs. Although herbs are our main business, we realize that customers are constantly looking for new and innovative products. That is why we like to talk about expanding "flavour adding elements", because that is what herbs are! Baby Leafs, several sorts of Ruccola, and a small assortment of dried spices are also some of these flavour adding elements. Lettuces like Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo, and Oak Leaf does also fit perfectly in Greenfresh's selection.

Are you curious at the possibilities for your company with Greenfresh? Do not hestitate to contact us and profit from our added value!