Colombia still is the steady base of Greenfresh nowadays. It is a beautifull, green, country in which herbs can perfectly grow in the many gardens this country owns. Colombian herbs are grown in several regions, because Colombia has many micro climates. There is no need for using pesticides and insecticides because weeds are still erased by hand, which results in a pure and tidy product. It is obvious that growing herbs in nature is much cheaper than artificial breeding. Due to this we are able to offer our herbs for a correct and competitive price.

With a wide range of fresh cut country herbs, grown under the Greenfresh flag we serve our customers worldwide with daily fresh cut herbs. With our own packing facility in the airport of Bogota, we are able to pack all the EurepGap grown herbs according to the customers wishes. We pack in Ziplock, Bulkboxes, Punnets and Clampshells from there. Out of Holland we are able to pack in all different kind of packages and specially in flowpack. Almost 80% of our Colombian fresh produce is going directly from the field to the end-customer. The best way to ensure freshness! Greenfreshness..

To ensure yearround availability and to spread the risk of suffering from shortages we cooperate with two big exporters in herbs from Israel. Those two have made their promises come true for the full 100%! Israel has a maritime climate which results in dry and hot summers and, wet an soft winters. In Central and North Israel, and in the coast area, the climate is moderate. The South of Israel is hot and dry. Most of the rain falls in winter time in the coast area and the hilly centre. Israel has a few important export products of which agricultural products is one of.The combination of Colombia and Israel has worked very good and will stay good. By sharing information from the field and delivering from one country to another we have big value for our customers.

Off-course summertime in Holland (end of March untill end of September) gives us the great opportunity to grow fresh herbs in Holland. We cooperate with 6 growers in Holland nowadays and we are currently setting up a new project in Westland. Westland is known worldwide for its large area of greenhouses and produce region. Every year a lot of vegetables are grown here so why shouldn't hebrs grow? The soil offers us many possibilities there but also a substrate would be interesting in the future!

Also Spain, France and Italy are growing more and more herbs every year. Greenfresh allready has many contacts in these countries and first imports are a fact. We are still very interested in establishing more in this part of the world!